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      Established in 2008, LOCLEN (an acronym formed from the names of the founder's three children) produce solid, robust pens and pencils made from metal. They're well-designed, extremely well-made and stylish to boot, which is not surprising seeing as they're Italian. Carlo Vazzoler, ably assisted by his son Enrico, is the creative brains behind the brand. A collector of writing instruments, Carlo ventured into making pens from making custom wheels for cars, so he is no stranger to the art of creating something that is not only functional, but nice to look at.

      Each pen and pencil is machined from blank rods of metal. Carlo and Enrico are responsible for pretty much every stage of manufacture, outsourcing only when internal mechanisms or a particular finish is needed. Carlo believes that 'passion is the foundation for excellence', and his passion is certainly evident in the beautiful writing instruments that he produces. They're not only practical, but a pleasure to own.  All LOCLEN writing instruments are guaranteed for life.