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      Montegrappa Otto Exclusive!

      A reverence for octagonal forms has been a constant of Montegrappa’s oeuvre for generations. In 1915, the tower overlooking Montegrappa’s Cà Erizzo estate inspired the owners of Italy’s first fountain pen manufactory to create the Reminiscence. The filigree found in the detailing of our 18K gold nibs echoes this landmark design, and the culture of bold innovation fomented by its creation.
      Softly rounded edges and gently tapered form suggest effortless elegance, yet nothing could be further from the truth. Shaping the Extra Otto demands craftsmanship of the highest order. Expert hand-carving makes it possible to enjoy its sensuous lines in Ebonite.
      Large #8 nib in 18k gold with ebonite feed and Montegrappas piston filling system.

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