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      Loclen is an Italian pen brand with roots in design and engineering. Made from all-metal, their pens are durable, functional, and (of course) beautiful.

      The Electa is a gorgeous handmade pen with infinite care and precision brought into the design. From its intricate design and overall balance to the detailing from a purely aesthetic point of view, this pen is for anyone looking for something classic yet modern, bold yet understated.

      If you're not familiar with Loclen, you're missing out on a new kind of classic. A brand that's been around since 2008, Loclen's founder went from designing car wheels to pens. An interesting leap, but ultimately one that makes sense: both deal with the aesthetic quality of functional products. Since then, the brand has gained worldwide recognition for its ingenuity and thoughtful functionality.

      In 2019, we were fortunate to tour the Loclen factory. This tour gave us a first-hand look at the integrity and vision of the brand. We were stunned by the craftsmanship and artisan spirit of a modern-day company and were inspired by this trip to stock Loclens in the US. Take a look below to see some of the photos from that time and be sure to check out the Electa here to get your own!