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      Montegrappa Gladiator

      Meet the Gladiator

      Imperial glory makes a triumphant return to the awe-inspiring Warriors series as virtuoso handcraft breathes new life into Ancient Rome’s ultimate fighter. Following the award-winning Samurai (2018) and Viking (2019), Gladiator emerges as part writing instrument, part working miniature—a tribute to one of history’s most beloved combatants.

      Crafted from precious metals, Gladiator revisits Rome’s grandest extravagance with lavish artisanal detailing and mechanical cunning. Limited editions, consisting of 105 elite-grade fountain pens in silver and five in gold, showcase articulated arms, a hinged visor, and a paper knife fashioned like a Gladius sword. Get ready to be entertained.

      MSRP: $18,795

      Craftsmanship at Every Detail

      The Montegrappa Warrior Series Gladiator box set is a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship, capturing the essence of ancient Rome's iconic Coliseum in a miniature version that serves as a fitting tribute to the gladiatorial spirit. The packaging is a testament to Montegrappa's commitment to detail and historical accuracy, reflecting the brand's dedication to creating writing instruments that transcend functionality to become true works of art. The box set not only houses the exquisite Gladiator pen but also immerses the recipient in the grandeur and drama of the Roman arena, making it a collector's item that seamlessly blends the worlds of writing and history in a captivating display of elegance.

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