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      When one thinks of specific countries, there are certain traits that come to mind. For France, one may think of a gourmand and his market basket. In Italy, perhaps we think of old-world charm, passion, and good food. The list goes on. And for better or worse, these traits define the expectations of products within and outside of that country.

      Now, let’s look at Germany.

      Germany’s long history of exacting details and balanced craftsmanship is truly the backbone of the country’s identity. Being able to create beautiful products while remaining uncompromising in design has produced many of the world’s most cherished products.

      Take, for instance, Otto Hutt. A legacy brand distributed by Kenro Industries, Otto Hutt has a century of practicing Bauhaus ideals of mixing aesthetics and function while remaining consistently inventive in its design. This is most apparent in their design04 series.

      When most pen collectors pick up a design04, they will right away notice the balance the pen has when held. Its linear design has no excess fat to it. It’s a singular instrument designed for one purpose: to enhance the writing experience. With its metal body and options for a lacquered finish, no detail has gone unnoticed to make it a pen that is both functional and beautiful.

      On the technical side, the design04 excels. The body itself is of the highest quality, with the brand’s emphasis on precision and sustainability. The brass spring clip is refined with a layer or platinum or rose gold to give it an updated look to the traditional fountain pen. Available designs are lacquered and etched with beautiful finishes that will undoubtedly stand out among other pens in its range.

      No matter which design04 you choose, know that there is a century of history that went into its design. With an emphasis on simplicity, straightforward beauty, and traditional craftsmanship, the spirit of the brand is exemplified in this Otto Hutt line.

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