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      Pen-worthy News! — fountain pen


      It is hard to think of Italy and not think of its rich heritage in craftsmanship. Kenro Industries has always had a strong relationship with our Italian counterparts and much of that we owe to their commitment to design, authenticity, and quality. 

      Take, for example, the Aurora Optima.

      A mainstay in the pen industry, the Optima has heritage recognition but continues to be a favorite of contemporary and vintage collectors alike. This is due to many factors, but most notably the unparalleled quality of the products that Aurora has produced for over 100 years. By honing the artistry within the Aurora lines, the Optima is a superb example of Italian craft done right. And here at Kenro Industries, we are fortunate enough to be stewards of the brand within the North American market.

      So why has the Aurora Optima been so popular since its debut in 1938? Well, for quite a few reasons. Most notably due to the unique features that come together to tick many boxes for pen aficionados. From its gold nib to the signature flat top finial, every inch of the Optima blends elegance and function into its design.

      If you’re looking to begin your Optima collection, here are a few key features of the model that are a testament to its longevity in the marketplace.

        • For starters, the Optima features a piston filling system, making this a highlight for many fans of this technology. With an ink window standard in all models, owners are able to see ink levels with ease.
        • The nib itself is evidence of Aurora’s artisan beginnings. The 14-karat gold nib is standard (with more limited-edition lines offering an 18-karat alternative). Each nib is made in-house from the excellent craftsmen of Turino, Italy and finished with an elegant floral design. Nibs range in size from extra fine to broad, with specialty sizes available as well.
        • The body of the pen itself is mix of form and function, a consideration of user comfort and traditional design. The clip itself is finished with a smooth ball both for added design, but also to create an easy grip for your pocket. The cap ring standard on Optima models are plated in specialized metals, such as gold and rhodium, with finishing touches such as Aurora name engraving and hand-lacquered designs. Finally, the cap posts tightly onto the back of the pen when the instrument is in use, creating total balance to the pen itself and adding additional weight for a better writing experience. 

      The Aurora Optima is a rare blend of artisan knowledge and forward-thinking design, making it one of the perennial favorites for pen enthusiasts.


      Miya 450 represents the end of an era

      Miya 450 represents the end of an era

      The word that comes to mind when one encounters the Montegrappa Miya 450 is stately. There is just something about this pen that elicits awe in even the most novice of pen lovers. The more veteran pen aficionado recognizes that the material it’s made from, antique celluloid, represents the end of an era. As celluloid becomes less available, replaced with modern materials like acrylic and resin, its desirability increases.

      Made from celluloid taken from the vault of remaining blanks at Montegrappa’s headquarters in Bassano del Grappa, the Miya 450 is a reminder why so many fountain pen enthusiasts are hot on the trail of anything released in this scarce material.


      It’s classic, it’s luxe and the colors are rich and vibrant. Like the most brilliant gems, the celluloid flashes light as one turns the pen in their hands.  The feel when writing is warm and oh so comfortable. It’s a substantial pen, but not bulky.

      The pen has a 14K Gold Nib and is available in XF-Broad, XF Flex and Fine Flex. It is trimmed in engraved sterling silver. Adding to the Miya’s cache, only 450 pieces have been made due to the rarity of the material. It is subtly detailed and yet, a true attention stealer. This is a rare find for any ardent fountain pen lover or your favorite Italophile.

      Montegrappa Miya 450 Fountain Pen set.

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